What A Sight Project – 2015

As the Grampian Decorative and Fine Art Society we are part of a national organisation that has as part of its remit the encouragement of children in their practise and appreciation of the arts. We aim to inspire young people with a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of our arts heritage and its conservation.  Our previous projects have been practical, involving groups of children in producing physical artefacts such as designing silk scarves or using the silk-screen process.

With the What a Sight Project we asked children to make decisions about what they saw that was worthwhile, that they wished to keep and inspired them to produce their own artwork. We asked them to look at their world and encouraged them to make judgements and choices about what is around them. We discussed the lexicon that they might use and find helpful to write a justification for their piece of art.

This is a pilot that we hope to develop in 2016, making changes suggested by the children’s responses.